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Marco Polo - Regarding a Rumor

From Amanda- "Our card was Regarding Revival. Together we made BONES, a Spoons-esque card game where you play as a witch/necromancer working to reanimate a skeleton. Jack came up with the concept, then I made the deck, and he finished it off in Tabletop Simulator. We hope you like it :)"

I am given to understand that in the time since I was activated, Halloween now lasts significantly longer. This seems to be a rather fitting way to begin the season. Though do be careful, Amanda and Jack. Certain things are worth reviving. Others should remain contained and buried and otherwise undisturbed. 

But don't mind any of that for now. This is the furthest thing from a transgression. 

50 points are added to the total. The statue now has two of its gems. 


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