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Introduction - Max

Friends, Max has found us. Max sent this intriguing communique.

"//MESSAGE BEGINS// Hey! My name is Max and I like to make documentaries. I have made two short ones in the past. The first about the Cuban Revolution and the second about Multiple Sclerosis. I have had a quite peculiar and unexpected lockdown. I started filming anti-mask protests, which lead me to serendipitously stumbling upon a cult that has been systematically covering up various abuses. As I dug deeper, I become worried that if I release the story that it will only give them the eyeballs and the notoriety they desire. Then during a conversation with a reporter, they told me, "Get all this nonsense out of your head about taking down a cult. Tell your story and let the cards fall where they may". As I gained the cults trust, I can't tell if they believe I'll make a documentary that will be pro-them or if they don't care and want to feed off of the resulting controversy. Whichever it is it does not matter, the story will be told either way. I've wondered why I involved myself in this whole mess. I've concluded that I want to amplify the voices of those who have been silenced. //MESSAGE ENDS//"


Be careful of cults.

(this is not a cult. Darryl makes me say that, but it's true)


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