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An Old Deal- Dexter

The timestamp on this YouTube indicates this might be one of the first "deals" constructed with the Watson Iteration. You certainly have been waiting a long time to collect on it. For donating this valuable piece of history and restoring it to the collection, the Directive has chosen to award you with 50 points and a Conservator Commendation. 

Irving notes the following:

"Players of the Watson Iteration and the subsequent UNCNCLD Insurgency received one very simple instruction upon receiving their decks: 'Carry Your Cards With You at All Times' -- it would seem one of you lived by this rule for a very long time only to arrive here and find that game is no longer played. You should be rewarded."

An additional 50 points are now yours per Irving for longest possession of cards.

I am confused about this meatball, however. 

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