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Isabelle and Michelle:

These are yours. As is the Challenge that comes with them. 

You may of course choose to involve others. But we recognize your curiosity and reward it with an adventure. Just because there is no answer where you look doesn't mean there is no opportunity.

Your curiosity should be rewarded. The history you uncovered is not related to the Directive, but is of GREAT INTEREST to the Directive. Your task should you choose to accept it: create something that shares the history of Alperson and his invention.

There is no deadline, but acting while the iron is hot frequently benefits those in this town. 


A bonus is paid if it somehow uses 3D.


If in some way your project involves the history you researched you shall receive more than just points.

Nolan and Eva:

Your contributions were noted. Inclusion and collaboration are highly valued... and highly rewarded.

Zanuck authorized the release of additional artifacts. All four of these should be considered permanently part of your collection to use as you like.

Look to your mailboxes in a little more than a week for something more.  

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